Bridging Finance and Loans

Here at Bridging Finance and Loans we pride ourselves on structuring the right deal for you. We can provide bridging rates from as low as .39% per month. We can then move you to a suitable term loan if you wish to retain the property when works are complete.

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Here at Bridging Finance and Loans, we have bespoke products that will fulfil your requirements. We have 30 years experience as property professionals and landlords, and understand your needs better than most, so we can help you overcome any hurdles.

We are here to help you succeed and build an ongoing relationship.
Funding for residential and commercial developments of any size.

Additionally, we have specialized business finance professionals that have provided hundreds of millions across many types of businesses, nationally and internationally.

We can structure your unique payment plan to suit the deal.

We can act very quickly to secure your deal.

Early repayment is something we can accommodate should your circumstances change.

We cover all areas of the UK, Scotland, Wales, Jersey, Guernsey, Gibraltar and the Republic of Ireland.

Bridging Finance and Loans

Hi, my name is John Clarke and I have over 15 years experience in the bridging finance industry.
I have first hand knowledge of the development industry, as I have also completed several developments myself. During this process, I have discovered, learnt and overcome all the pitfalls that can halt in the financing of developments.
I can guide you through the process and lead the bridging application to fruition.
Fast tracking you to the quickest satisfaction of your financial requirements.
I offer – bespoke products – no hidden fees – easy underwriting process- competitive rate – no commitment fees – quick decisions.